Troy Barry Fine Art

The Artist’s Statement

“Painting, to me, is about capturing a moment in time that cannot be recreated. When this moment is captured, an energy or feeling is put on the canvas, and a moment of clarity happens of its own making. This moment transcends me, who is made of mostly empty space, and achieves a greater existence, made from the material of the universe itself. This existence brings with it power. Time does not exist in this cosmic cubby-hole.

When you look at my paintings, you might see galaxy clusters, faces (because faces are ingrained in our subconscious minds at a primitive level), elements from nature (trees, flowers, caverns, streams, etc.), and geometric shapes (often organic) which have natural, less than well-defined edges. Like a Rorschac, everyone sees something different, but that is the beauty of experience. We have the experience we need, based on who we are when we look at the painting.

For me, art is very introspective. It allows me to examine my own thoughts and feelings as I paint, and for others to examine themselves and the world around them in a similar manner by looking at art. All art provides this portal to the inner self. Successful art, whether widely praised and known or known only to a rare few, can connect the viewer to the outer world and the greater consciousness through this introspection.”

– Troy Barry

Mystic Garden