Troy Barry Fine Art

About The Artist

Troy started painting in 2000.

He is inspired by Jackson Pollack, Richard Pousette-Dart, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Willem de Kooning, Lee Krasner, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis.

Born in 1981, Troy spent his formative years in Salt Lake City. He spent his time learning classical guitar, and was especially influenced by Django Reinhardt. He became interested in the metaphysical, and the arts as a means to dive more deeply below the surface of everyday life. In his pursuit, Troy turned to art, specifically drawing and painting at the age of 19.

He began painting just like he pursued the study of music and classical guitar…in an earnest attempt to connect with a deeper meaning in life. In painting, he found that he could crystallize a moment in time.

He enjoys what has become known as Abstract Expressionism because of the spontaneity that the method embraces, and the improvisational means that it encourages. He began painting in basements, spending long hours, even entire days and nights at a time, simultaneously locked in concentration and joyful abandonment, experimenting with and refining his technique which centers on the movement of the body, and of the canvas.

He evolved a playful, yet soulful and intriguing style of painting that while taking cues from abstract expressionism, is essentially in a category of its own making, and reflects Troy’s signature style. Half dead serious, half completely playful.

Troy mixes various colors together, sometimes wildly, often not fully blended, but with an innate sense of balance and composition. He applies the paint to the canvas by dripping, pouring, and splashing. Only rarely is a paint brush used to manipulate the paint, and usually only as a wash for subsequent layers of paint. Instead, Troy prefers to let the work of gravity and the viscosity of the paint carry the painting in the direction it seeks, without him directly touching the canvas other than to turn it by the outer corners. This often yields a cascading effect, and a cacophony of emotions on canvas.

In Troy Barry’s work, lean and fat lay together, intricate details and bold swathes of darkness pair in a challenging harmony, foreground and background blur in a grey area, and yet, the finished composition appears as one, organic element. Each painting tells a different story. Passion, anger, beauty…All are portraits of a moment in time, and of the collective consciousness Troy believes we all share, shown thru the lens of one man’s psyche.

Troy relocated to the Sacramento area in 2003, where he currently resides with his family. He enjoys the outdoors, reading, and exploring life’s endless possibilities.

Troy is in the process of seeking representation in both galleries, and alternative venues. If you wish to schedule a meeting with Mr. Barry, please contact Troy.

Troy Barry at City Hall, San Francisco